Smart Orders Preferences

Enable and configure smart orders, such as Bracket or Iceberg orders.

Before setting preferences for all but OCO orders, choose whether the settings should apply to all symbols or a particular symbol. The symbols list is a master list for all smart orders, so that all symbols from each tab are listed there.

Configure Bracket Orders

  • In order to place bracket orders, toggle switch must be set to on/blue. Currently this is on by default. 
  • Clicking the checkbox on the left will enable you to customize bracket order settings.
  • Enter a tick, profit value, or price for the target order. You can also select limit, trailing limit, or iceberg order type.
  • Enter a tick value for the stop loss order. You can also select stop, stop limit, or trailing stop order type.

Configure Iceberg Limits

  • In order to place Iceberg limit orders, you must select the Enable check box.
  • Enter a visible order size. Only this size is displayed on the book.

Configure Trailing Orders

  • In order to place trailing stop or limit orders, you must select the appropriate Enable check box.
  • Choose the behavior for the trailing limit orders by selecting one of the radio buttons.