Options Window

Options Window Basics

This is our first version of the options widget. We modeled it after the robust options analytics package in CQG Integrated Client and CQG QTrader, and the options dashboards Thom Hartle has been creating in Excel.

High and Low Columns

In the options widget, from the task menu, click Manage Columns and then add H and L for high and low columns.

Spread Builder, UDS & Options strategies

The Spread Builder is an easy-to-use interface where strategies can be built.

User-Defined Strategies (UDS) are available in CQG One.

  • 00:51 UDS Options Bull Call Spread
  • 02:36 Adding to quote board, creating an alias
  • 03:00 Exchange Traded Futures Spread
  • 04:00 Custom Options Spread

All UDS created will be added to a dynamic list available in the Symbol dialog. 
When opening a list, look for the User-Defined Strategies list.