Details screens

Tap or swipe the tabs to switch between the details screens:

  • Chart
  • HOT
  • Orders
  • Positions
  • Symbol details

Use the top symbol bar to navigate between symbols in the list without going back to the quote screen.

Charts: Basics

Chart basics: Pan & Zoom

  • Pan the chart by dragging on the background
  • Zoom by dragging along the bottom time scale or price scale on the right.

Cursor value with crosshairs

With crosshair mode on, and the hide info icon off (gray), you can view bar and study values of the highlighted bar.

Modifying the chart and studies 

  • Time Interval and Chart type: Use the dropdowns to change the chart interval and type
  • Add a study: Tap the "+Study" button to open a list of available studies. Tap on a study and hit the add button.
  • See what's on your chart:Tap the "On this chart" tab or the gear icon on the chart to see what's on your chart.
  • Modify study parameters:Tap on the gear next to a study to bring up its parameters dialog.
  • Modify study style:Open the study parameters dialog, tap the "Style" tab to change the way a study looks.

Custom Time Intervals

Pointer Tools

  • Tap on the pointer tool icon to access the pointer tools toolbar.
  • Tap on the pointer tool you want to use
  • Tap on the chart to place the first point of the tool
  • Tap a second time to place the second point
  • Use the floating toolbar to edit properties of the pointer tool


Charts: Advanced

Chart continuation

From the chart screen:

  • Tap on the Manage chart icon to bring up the Manage chart dialog
  • Tap on the chart gear icon, to bring up the chart properties dialog
  • Tap the "Use continuation" switch to on

Changing line colors

With any line or pointer tool selected, you can tap on the gear button in the floating properties bar. Tap on the color swatch and select desired color. The line and subsequent lines will use selected color.


Trading from the chart

Tap the trade button in the upper right of the chart.

  • The trading sidebar will appear.
  • Use horizontal lines to select a price.
  • Close the trading sidebar using the more menu in the upper right of the chart.

Placing an order using the HOT

See this article for definitions of order types, durations and special order modes.

  • Tap to select a price in the price scale
  • Tap on the Buy/Sell buttons on the right
  • Your working order will appear in the buy/sell columns and in the working orders display at the top of the screen
    • Tap on the working orders display at the top of the screen to go the list of working orders for this symbol
    • Tap on the position display at the top of the screen to go to the list of positions for this symbol
    • Tap on the account display at the top of the screen to select a different account if available

Bracket Orders

Protecting order fills is easy with server-side bracket orders. This feature is accessed from the confirmation dialog when you place an order. Once the initial order fills, the bracketed orders will be sent to the exchange automatically as OCOs (order cancels order) based on parmeters you set in the confirmation dialog.

Set target profit and stop loss orders independently, you can append either a stop loss, target profit or both. The setting you choose is remembered the next time you place an order.

Note: CQG for iPhone is the first CQG app to utilize server-side bracket orders. The feature is not yet available in our other products. Brackets orders placed on the iPhone will appear but cannot be modified from CQG IC/QTrader. Bracket orders place from the iPhone can be cancelled from CQG IC/QTrader. We will let you know when full server-side bracket orders are available in our other products.

Modifying and Cancelling Orders

From the working orders grid, swipe left on an order.

To modify an order

  • Tap on the pencil icon, the modify dialog will appear
  • Modify size or price
  • Hit the Modify order button

To cancel an order

  • Tap on the X icon, the confirm dialog will appear
  • Hit the Cancel order button

Go Flat, Liquidate

Go Flat

From the Orders screen or Positions screen:

  • Tap on the "Go flat" button, a confirmation dialog will appear
  • Tap the "Go flat" button in the confirmation dialog
  • Go Flat will liquidate positions and cancel working orders


From the Positions screen:

  • Tap on the X icon, the confirm dialog will appear
  • Hit the Cancel order button

Order Types

Trailing orders

Trailing orders are available in the confirm dialog

Iceberg orders

Access Iceberg orders in Trading preferences:

  • Go to the More menu (...) > Settings > Trading
  • Toggle "Allow Iceberg orders" to 'on'
  • Enter a default visible size

Iceberg orders will then be available in the confirmation dialog, in the Smart order section.

Order Info

  • Tap on an order to show an order action sheet
  • Tap on Order Info to open the Order Info dialog
  • Action buttons for Order actions and sharing