Navigation & Pages

To see available pages, click the menu in the upper left-hand corner. To switch pages, click one of the page names.

Create Your Own Workspace

Add a new page and create a custom layout by clicking the button.
Add widgets to a page by clicking the widget categories.

Add Widgets

Arrange widgets and create your workspace. Just drag a widget by its tab.


In live mode, your trading account number from your broker/FCM is displayed here.

Manage Preferences

Manage preferences like language, theme, and notifications.


Get help for any widget by clicking the icon and selecting About.

Widget Preferences and Styles

Choose quote board styles and widget options using the widget task menu.

Expand/Collapse the Left Bar

In order to maximize real estate, you can collapse the left bar. You can still access items in the left bar using their icons and abbreviations.


Navigating between pages

  • Switch between existing pages and add new ones.
  • Click on a page name to view that page.

Reordering pages

  • Drag the page abbreviation to reorder.


Manage pages

  • Access page options by clicking the ... menu beside each page when the left bar is 'Open'

Add a page

  • You can create a blank page or workspace by clicking the "+ Add page" link.
  • This will open a menu and allow you to select an 'Empty page' or choose from on of the templates provided.
  • If you select 'Empty page' a dialog will open asking you to name the page.
  • Once you name and dismiss the dialog, you can begin adding windows to the page.

Customize page abbreviations.

  • With the left bar open, go to the ... menu > Rename page...
  • A field has been added to customize the abbreviation of pages when the toolbar is closed.

Add a widget

Its easy to customize your page or workspace by adding widgets.

  • Access widgets from the left bar
  • New widget will appear next to the active tab
  • Drag and drop a widget tab to move the widget to another location

Full screen

Here's how to make a widget go full screen by using the full screen button.

In the upper right of any widget, click on the full screen button to see that widget full screen. Click the button again to restore the widget to original size.


Window out of page

To move any widget into its own foating browser window, go to the widget task menu (...) and use the menu item "Move to child window".

The result will be that a new page is created in the left bar with that widget on it, it will have the new window icon next to it. (This will be helpful if the floating window gets hidden behind other windows you have open. Click on this page and it will bring the floating window into view.)

And, you'll see the widget open in it's own browser frame.

If you close the floating window or log off, next time you log on you can access the window out of page from the left bar. And reopen it as a floating window from the page task menu (...).