Price and Volume Alerts CQG 1 and CQG Desktop

Right-click on a symbol in the Quote Spreadsheet or the Quoteboard and select "Add price alert." This dialog opens.


Select Condition for a list of conditions.


All of the conditions except one use this list of actions.


The TradeNetChangePercent uses "Went up" or "Went down." In the next field enter an amount or price depending on the condition.


The Trigger can be "Once" or "Every time."


The Delivery Options are two choices: SMS to the phone number in the customer profile or an email sent to the address in the customer profile.


The current list of active alerts is found by selecting Notifications in the bottom left corner of CQG 1 or Desktop and choosing Alerts. The alerts can be edited, duplicated or removed.


Coming Soon

  • Study alerts

  • Account alerts