Getting started

Here's how to get started

Install & Run


Live trading account mode


The quotes screen has two modes with three columns of data:

  • net change, % net change, open, last, high, low
  • net change, % net change, last, settlement, ask, bid

Toggle between the two modes by tapping on the far right column.

Symbols and Lists

CQG for iPhone ships with some lists by default.

  • To add symbols, tap on the + on the upper right.
  • To edit (reorder, delete, add) symbols, tap on "Edit" on the top left.
  • In either case, if it's one of the lists included with the build, the app will automatically make a copy for you.
  • You can rename the list if you want, it's yours now.

Symbol lists for CQG Desktop Users

  • If you have used CQG Desktop before and use the same login, your lists from CQG Desktop should automatically appear.
  • Changing lists: Tap on the list name at the top of the screen to see available lists. Tap on the list you want and hit the done button at the top right.
  • Adding symbols: Tap the + button at the top right
  • Edit: To reorder or delete symbols, or change the list name, tap the edit button at the top right



Bottom navigation

Tap on the navigation buttons across the bottom of the app to have quick access to your orders and positions across all symbols you are trading, and to your account summary.

Symbol navigation

From the quote screen, tap a symbol, to go to details for that symbol.

Tap on the CQG icon or the arrow in the upper left to go back to the quote screen.

Other ways to log on

Tap the "Other ways to log on" link for Demo/Stage environment or free mode.


If you have a a demo login from CQG Desktop, or are part of a trading challenge, use the Demo log on mode.

  • Enter your user name and password provided from your demo log on email.
  • Tradable demo symbols are available for a limited time period.
  • Contact your broker to get access with a live trading account.

Free Mode

If you don't have a trading login enabled through your broker, you can test the app in free mode.

  • Delayed quotes and data. 
  • Trading interfaces are visible, but not functional.
  • Contact your broker to get access with a live trading account.