Getting started

Here's how to get started

Install & Run


Live trading account mode


The quotes screen has two modes with three columns of data:

  • net change, % net change, open, last, high, low
  • net change, % net change, last, settlement, ask, bid

Toggle between the two modes by tapping on the far right column.

Symbols and Lists

CQG for iPhone ships with some lists by default.

  • To add symbols, tap on the + on the upper right.
  • To edit (reorder, delete, add) symbols, tap on "Edit" on the top left.
  • In either case, if it's one of the lists included with the build, the app will automatically make a copy for you.
  • You can rename the list if you want, it's yours now.

Symbol lists for CQG Desktop Users

  • If you have used CQG Desktop before and use the same login, your lists from CQG Desktop should automatically appear.
  • Changing lists: Tap on the list name at the top of the screen to see available lists. Tap on the list you want and hit the done button at the top right.
  • Adding symbols: Tap the + button at the top right
  • Edit: To reorder or delete symbols, or change the list name, tap the edit button at the top right









  • 点击登录界面上的“免费”,然后点击登录。