Getting started

In this brief video we'll show you:

  • Understanding widgets and pages (00:30)
  • Easily search for symbols and add them to widgets (02:00)
  • Charts (02:37)
  • Place trades and manage orders (03:10)

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What customers are saying

I am extremely impressed by this platform and the ease at which it performs on desktop to Surface Pro, to mobile. I've never liked web based platforms, but this one is looking to be a clear winner.


First time using, came from TTNet, loving CQG so far.


Congratulations! Very nice platform, well defined and very friendly.


Essential articles and courses to help get you started

These articles and courses from our partners that might be helpful with futures and with CQG Desktop.

Powerful and Helpful Features: Risk Console

Learn more about some advanced features in CQG Desktop in this video

In CQG Desktop, we've worked on quite a few features to improve workflow and ease-of-use. In this video, we walk through a few of these features.

  • Working with symbol lists (00:30)
  • Widget linking (01:06)
  • Sharing symbol lists and pages (01:37)
  • Charting: linked studies (02:54)
  • Trading: smart orders (05:24)
  • Risk console and order management (06:32)

Go Live

Here's how to go live:

  1. Contact your broker and tell them you're ready for a live trading login to CQG Desktop. Your broker will provide you with your live login credentials.
  2. Don't have a broker? Choose from one of our partners. Each broker has their own process for opening an account. Please contact them for more information.
    • The process of opening a new account with a broker can take several days to sign up and fund an account. Once an account is set up, getting access to CQG Desktop can be done in minutes.
  3. Once you have your trading credentials click the button below to access the trading environment.

Please Note: In order to trade live you must have a funded trading account with an authorized broker. We will get you setup as soon as possible, but we may be waiting on information from your broker. You can contact your broker at any time for a status update on your account.